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At Savard it's safety first.

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Committed to building Savard Lifetime Clients through accountability, innovation, quality and Integrity.

  • Accountability

    Reliability is one of our building blocks. You can count on us

  • Innovation

    We push the limits. We keep looking until we find solutions that are not apparent.

  • Quality

    Building distinction and relationships is our incentive.

  • Integrity

    Honesty is the heart of our business.

Our values

These are our values and we live by them:

Social Responsability - Health and safety

Our most important asset is our people. That's why safety is an integral part of our job. In Savard Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HS&E) Program, every person is responsible and accountable for safety – from senior management to the individual worker. Through Savard's Employee Commitments, each person pledges to demonstrate their belief in safety - whether at work, on the road, or at home.

Our HS&E responsibilities and expectations are embedded into management systems and processes and influence everything that we do. From our comprehensive "At Savard it's Safety First" awareness programs to jobsite safe work procedures, our safety programs go above and beyond regulatory standards to ensure everyone's safety at our sites.

Savard also employs a team of health and safety professionals to work closely with our managers and workers to support our diversified operations.

We are a full member of ISNetworld and ComplyWorks
Savard has received a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from Alberta Construction Safety Association, and is CANQUAL "Advanced" Certified.

Savard's ultimate objective is to protect our staff from job related injuries and to make incident prevention a priority. To achieve these objectives, Savard Construction is committed to:

Occupational health and safety remains the shared responsibility of all Savard Construction employees; including workers, supervisors and management.

Savard Construction is a registered member of following programs.

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Environmental sensitivity is a natural extension of any safety program. We are committed to protecting the environment in all aspects of our operations and our Health, Safety and the Environment policy statement includes special consideration to any decisions and actions that affect the natural landscape.

Environmental Plan

From an environmental perspective the project objectives must be consistent with the Savard Environmental Plan including a commitment to leadership and a focus on continual improvement. Key objectives specific to Savard's environmental management plan on the project will include but not limited to :

Quality Management System

Savard Construction Ltd. has developed and implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with International Standards ISO 9001:2008. This QMS establishes quality objectives and outlines the planned and systematic actions, in addition to continual improvement of the quality system that is needed to provide confidence and objective evidence that all products and services provided or undertaken for customers are of the highest level of quality. Savard Construction Ltd. is committed to supplying products and services that satisfy all customer project specifications, industry codes and regulations while ensuring that deliverables and met with the focus on adhering to quality assurance / quality control requirements and enhancing the objective of customer satisfaction. The Quality Management System has the full support of Savard Senior Management who will ensure that adequate resources, including trained personnel are provided in order to effectively implement the quality program.

First Nations

Savard Construction Ltd. always communicates with Native Ban offices Human resources for region workers.
It's our goal to enhance the locations where we work and we are honoured that the benefits to First Nations communities - the employment opportunities and business relationships that Savard offers - has been acknowledged through our NAABA membership.

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